Saturday, August 28, 2010


This morning
when the silence wraps me
I seek rational answers for this feeling….
and I think why reasoning
if in the silence of the night
we only hear our hearts?
you leave and I hug your absence
your body tepid with desire like mine
At this moment
I want to forget the anguish
and make you understand only
that the moment our lifes crossed
something happened
it doesn’t matter the differences
while the mind thinks
the body feels
do not put your thoughts
on a clipboard
do not delay in life’s equations
adding or subtracting
our differences
do not be lost studying
our bodies biology
when the chemistry
surpass any argument
dive today in this intense feeling
of trembling bodies
and stuttering emotion
be aware of this joyous moment
when the heart beats
oh! What love is this? that thumps in my ears
with its whispers
and brings this desire so big
of making you happy
now lay your head on my shoulders
free your dreams
leave your heart in my arms
if our paths crossed
if our eyes met at this so far
it’s because
there was a reason

Mary Fioratti