Sunday, October 31, 2010


There was a silence
that cut the night
in a soft melody of goodbye
magnetized bodies
seeking only
the longing for pleasure

There was a kiss
wet, half-broken
that rubbed on the lips
the uncontrollable fear
in the acid saliva
hiding the senses

There was a word
hanging in the air
between parted lips
and the surprised expression
between the delirium of nothing
in the connected sweaty hands

There was desperation
in mismatched gestures
in the eagerness of search
shattering truths
naked bodies in bed
depleted of emotions

There was a semblance of hope
in that sideway smile
that expression of love
forgotten in the face
that appeared by chance
in the dark room

Mary Fioratti

Saturday, August 28, 2010


This morning
when the silence wraps me
I seek rational answers for this feeling….
and I think why reasoning
if in the silence of the night
we only hear our hearts?
you leave and I hug your absence
your body tepid with desire like mine
At this moment
I want to forget the anguish
and make you understand only
that the moment our lifes crossed
something happened
it doesn’t matter the differences
while the mind thinks
the body feels
do not put your thoughts
on a clipboard
do not delay in life’s equations
adding or subtracting
our differences
do not be lost studying
our bodies biology
when the chemistry
surpass any argument
dive today in this intense feeling
of trembling bodies
and stuttering emotion
be aware of this joyous moment
when the heart beats
oh! What love is this? that thumps in my ears
with its whispers
and brings this desire so big
of making you happy
now lay your head on my shoulders
free your dreams
leave your heart in my arms
if our paths crossed
if our eyes met at this so far
it’s because
there was a reason

Mary Fioratti

Saturday, July 31, 2010


When I think of you
I feel like a mild chill
making a pathway
on my back
and comes to die
on the smile of my lips
my eyes become serene
as if staring at a cloud
hanging in the sky
it seems I see you coming smiling
with open arms and right steps
taking me in your arms
kissing my mouth
looking at me without promises
When I think of you
stars fall as soft rain
on the sidewalk of my heart
Then the sun comes out
and shines almost golden
behind that enchanted mountain
where my loneliness lives
there is an intertwine of fingers
touches of caresses
and mischievous kisses
of bodies seeking sensations
When I think of you
my soul starts singing softly
And I get this look
this ethereal expression
of someone who forgot everything
and only remembers to dream

Mary Fioratti

Friday, July 9, 2010


tear that insists in
balancing on the eyes
and stunts
back to its origin
and when the throat
swallows dry
and the heart
is pained in a spasm
it comes back
flooding the iris
and stays strongly secure
priceless and absolute
to the world’s invisible eye
tear that insists
to be shown
emotion reluctant
to be exposed
words almost written
but deleted
and the tear
persists flickering
for the pain to go away
but in an innocent oversight
stumbles in my sobs
and rolls
down in my face

Mary Fioratti

Sunday, June 27, 2010


The mystery of love
is hidden deep in the soul
in a swallowed sight
in a lost look
a distance

The mystery of love
is stored in flaming hearts
in a body that asks for caresses
in extended hands
in the absence of words

The mystery of love
is not written in books
but engraved in skin inscriptions
shinning with the sweat of struggle
surrendering submissive

The mystery of love
is on a wet mouth kiss
in the silence that happens
between sighs and sobs
in the hand that rouses

The mystery of love
is in not knowing
just a release of senses
no questions, no answers
interpreting gestures

The mystery of love
combines with the unknown
love it! there is no plausible explanation
for the mad and audible beats
of a racing heart

The mystery of love
is in the look given
in the body that softens
in the languid look that pierces the soul
in a moment you can’t forget

Mary Fioratti

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


lend me your heart
let me feel it for a moment
inside my chest
I want to hear it beating
feel all the emotion
in your life clock
silent I want to hear
what your soul whispers
your mourn, your fears
laugh with your joy
delight with your secrets
I want your beating heart
just for a moment
inside my chest
cry with your sorrows
understand that anguish of yours
feel your tears in my face
your smile in my mouth
drink all your dreams
lend me your heart
so it can pump blood in my body
wash my veins
erase my pain
make me pure soaked emotion
I want to close my eyes
and thrilled feel your life
in my hands

Mary Fioratti

Saturday, June 5, 2010


I know my love, I know
I know so many things I do not tell you
so many guessed silences…..
would love for you one day to know
everything I know
without even pronouncing the words

When you arrive, guessing your mood
I know everything that your shoulders carry
I see in your eyes - like a movie
your anxieties and all your fears
and in the middle of this immense sourness
I sense the simulation of tenderness

I know my love, I know
hard times, everything so difficult
so complicated! and we follow our life
tailoring our dreams, dreaming of the future
life going so fast and no time to reason
this silly jealousy this storm
paying attention to unimportant facts
when there are so much more to think about

I know my love, but you know
after all when you hold me
my head resting on your chest
and you stroking my hair so gently
my lips softly touching your face
in the comfort of your chest I forget everything
this moment for me is almost sacred
I lift my face slowly
and look at your semi distant expression
lost in your thoughts

I guess by the blinking of your eyes
or by the contraction of muscles in your face
at this moment the silent communion
of our most secret thoughts
show me more, much more
than all the of your childhood stories
or those old pains

I know my love, I know - no need to explain
it’s all explained to me by your caressing hands
that sweetly stroll my back
these hands that unbutton my dress
and with closed eyes strip me
awakening all my senses

in this moment so many things I do not tell you
when the silence of our gaze
and in the mimic duet of our motions
I close my eyes gently and fall silent

Mary Fioratti

Sunday, May 30, 2010

(My picture in 1971- CTA - S.Jose dos Campos)


first love
comes invasive
so sweet
unknown sensation
that burns the skin
and takes the sleep away
stealing our senses

first love
reveals in the eyes
in the manner of walking
in the innocent smile
in the permissive caress
on half open lips
in the discovery of feeling

first love
giddy, intoxicating
leaves the body in a trance
the head in the clouds
between bold caresses and
smothered desires
it becomes a sweet
and endure suffering

first love
in the course of time
vibrates like an old song
shaking the body
in a numb remembrance
and as a love movie
those your soul feels
and the heart never forgets

Mary Fioratti

Friday, May 28, 2010


The lake of life
is full of enchantment
rhythmic in dreams
it comes in soft waves
and in its rise and fall
takes our body
from ecstasy to nostalgia

The lake of life
has a bright moon
that does not last forever
when you see it
fix your eyes
and save that image
for one day to recall

The lake of life
when you look
as an spectator
is rhythmic and smooth
but when you dive into it
your own pain
becomes intense and deep

The lake of life
often wakes us
in the early and thick morning
fears covering the dark room
choking the silent words
and the premonition
arrives smothered in thoughts

The lake of life
comes and goes, comes and goes
in an unique rhythm
when you see that wave
passing by you quickly
grab it with both hands and all heart
for the first or last time

Mary Fioratti

Thursday, May 20, 2010

"There is a place in a woman that when a man touches, she loses the control ...this place is her heart ..."

Monday, May 17, 2010


what life experiences gave me
has no price
taught me to be patient
(although still lacking!)
to believe that there is always a beginning
to bear the absence
every pain, every tear
my spirit became strong
no longer bends
whether with strong wind
or a rude word
I no longer feel the immediate plea
to answer a question
for simply wanting to win
or prove my point
I try to see the others' point of view
and not through my eyes
I go leaving my life
without dealing cards
without buying the table
without hiding attitude
I don’t gamble (drink or smoke)
do not judge those who do
only after living half a century
I try to feel with intensity
all my moments
and in the wetland of the many heads
I try to sow my most beautiful thoughts
if they grow in vivid colors
is because they found a fertile ground
that needed me
(... I'm happy making someone happy!)
when it happens, I raise my head
and look straight in the face of the other
I lose myself in their eyes
touch the face with my hands
in a kind gesture
trying to see the soul
but if I feel the inconvenience
at the moment I speak
I retreat humble
in the castle of my dreams
and I hush

Mary Fioratti

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


how many times we think
about quitting midway
when the steps are steep
and the up hill so hard
that takes our breath away?

how many times we feel
that we struggle for nothing
the eyes didn’t comprehend
and the ears didn’t hear
the words of comfort
the hug was not given
the kiss was forgotten
and we lost in the distance
the one we love

how many times the door didn’t open
the sun didn’t shine
the light wasn’t turned off
and that bitter taste in the mouth
and the feeling of a hangover
without even drinking?

how many times sadness
took over the body
and there was no way
to take one more step?
days like these
make us almost quit
but actually they teach us
to fight and to believe

they are seeds
planted on a discredited soil
that can spring in colored blooms
to decorate our dreams

if you feel today
as if you have lost
your identity
and everything in the world is caving
please... believe!

tomorrow is another day
the bright sun will rise
warming your body
and in this same sky
the silver moon will shine

but this will only happen
if you dress your soul
with this new outfit
and ... BELIEVE!

Mary Fioratti


I become all dream
before your desires
I surrender to your fascination
to imagined fantasies
that sigh
closing the eyes
and exhale caresses
that languor
the memory of you so alive
of my first love
I become all woman
before your eyes
and in your tender mouth
my breasts swell and shiver
in the tenderness of our hands
my body moisten
our gestures – confide
I don’t mind now my desires
squeeze your mouth in my kisses
realize yours - in this moment!
I’m infinitely yours
come and love me the way you want
I want you tormented in pleasure
amidst in the sweat of your skin
snaking my body in your arms
wobbly between the real and unreal
staring in your wishes
in your gaze that stirs me so
whisper in my ears
your command
and I will obey



Mary Fioratti

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Yesterday I looked into your eyes
my love
and they told me so much
with your expression
so unique and true

and in that singular moment
all ours
our hands magnetized
in an eternal lock

an ethereal link was created
true, inimitable
sweating out of our pores

Yesterday I looked into your eyes
my love
and I realized so clearly
with an imbedded tenderness
your purity

you are so real
in your gestures
you surrender to me
absolute and complete
no marks or lies

(We both speak in our silence
filled of thoughts
and this has happened for so long!)

Yesterday I looked into your eyes
my love
and confessed this feeling
so ingrained in me
naked in your arms (and so yours!)

Your manly and beautiful hands
strong and guiding
anxious and enduring

Yesterday I looked into your eyes
my love
inundated myself in truth
Isn’t the way it has been forever?
you the eternal port of my dreams?

(I am yours, you know and know that well!)

Yesterday I looked into your eyes
my love
and saw myself reflected in your iris
I stroked your face, your hair
pulled your chest and against mine

(We just stood there in silence
perpetuate this feeling)

Ah! those eyes, my love!
They tell me so much!

Mary Fioratti

Sunday, May 9, 2010


I wanted to love you at the moment
when the lights were off
and we could see in the dark
our bodies trembling
drawn in the light of silence
so I could feel your hands
in my body
embroidering in endless caresses
drinking in your mouth
the juice of love and desire
moving my anxious lips
in the everlasting
of a lengthy kiss

I wanted to love at the moment
When your small and tender hands
denudes my body
and at every piece, a twist of tongues
a warmth of a heat
your hair in my hands
stuck in my fingers
your begging eyes closing
for a moment
letting me kiss your unspoken words
and caressing my lips in your face
letting this love flow of my pores
like cataracts of freshwater

I wanted to love you so at the moment
when words can say nothing
but the heart beats strong
the senses are electrified
bodies rubbing
hands touching and arms intertwine
replacing the voice
we hear the sighs and muffled moans
the grip of wanting until exhaustion
when the sultry sexes touch
and the thighs open freely
in the urgency of invasion, the attack,
of dancing bodies
in sequential motion

I wanted to love in a gentle enlightenment
with closed eyes, in the fever of silence
here and now, at this very moment

Mary Fioratti

Friday, May 7, 2010


My feminine bedroom
has my favorite perfume
my hairbrush
my body cream
a perfumed lingerie
with sachets of dream

In my feminine bedroom room
lives the twilight of my desires
a story in every detail
untidy sheets
misplaced pillows
an essence of my innocence

In my feminine bedroom
I keep my moments
in every corner of the wall
they are imaginary frames
where I'm watching it in silence
knowing them by heart and closed eyes

In my feminine bedroom
trace of spread tenderness
in my teddy bear
a piece of belief
in the Bible that rests
on my nightstand

In my feminine bedroom
there is the beacon of our eyes
penetrating deeply in the tunnel of our desires
in nights of love and passion
digits printed in our bodies
in endless trips
with our mouths and our hands

Mary Fioratti