Saturday, June 5, 2010


I know my love, I know
I know so many things I do not tell you
so many guessed silences…..
would love for you one day to know
everything I know
without even pronouncing the words

When you arrive, guessing your mood
I know everything that your shoulders carry
I see in your eyes - like a movie
your anxieties and all your fears
and in the middle of this immense sourness
I sense the simulation of tenderness

I know my love, I know
hard times, everything so difficult
so complicated! and we follow our life
tailoring our dreams, dreaming of the future
life going so fast and no time to reason
this silly jealousy this storm
paying attention to unimportant facts
when there are so much more to think about

I know my love, but you know
after all when you hold me
my head resting on your chest
and you stroking my hair so gently
my lips softly touching your face
in the comfort of your chest I forget everything
this moment for me is almost sacred
I lift my face slowly
and look at your semi distant expression
lost in your thoughts

I guess by the blinking of your eyes
or by the contraction of muscles in your face
at this moment the silent communion
of our most secret thoughts
show me more, much more
than all the of your childhood stories
or those old pains

I know my love, I know - no need to explain
it’s all explained to me by your caressing hands
that sweetly stroll my back
these hands that unbutton my dress
and with closed eyes strip me
awakening all my senses

in this moment so many things I do not tell you
when the silence of our gaze
and in the mimic duet of our motions
I close my eyes gently and fall silent

Mary Fioratti

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