Saturday, July 31, 2010


When I think of you
I feel like a mild chill
making a pathway
on my back
and comes to die
on the smile of my lips
my eyes become serene
as if staring at a cloud
hanging in the sky
it seems I see you coming smiling
with open arms and right steps
taking me in your arms
kissing my mouth
looking at me without promises
When I think of you
stars fall as soft rain
on the sidewalk of my heart
Then the sun comes out
and shines almost golden
behind that enchanted mountain
where my loneliness lives
there is an intertwine of fingers
touches of caresses
and mischievous kisses
of bodies seeking sensations
When I think of you
my soul starts singing softly
And I get this look
this ethereal expression
of someone who forgot everything
and only remembers to dream

Mary Fioratti

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