Friday, July 9, 2010


tear that insists in
balancing on the eyes
and stunts
back to its origin
and when the throat
swallows dry
and the heart
is pained in a spasm
it comes back
flooding the iris
and stays strongly secure
priceless and absolute
to the world’s invisible eye
tear that insists
to be shown
emotion reluctant
to be exposed
words almost written
but deleted
and the tear
persists flickering
for the pain to go away
but in an innocent oversight
stumbles in my sobs
and rolls
down in my face

Mary Fioratti


  1. In this poem, my dear Mary, the water, this same water of an dream`s ocean, or all the tear in the world, or just one tear, the same tear of a word that the poet-you- let it down pacefully in a letter, in a text that has so much of everything and tons of universe. Love! Cheers.
    Mary, I am having dificulties in my life, and i am away of everything, but God is always on my side,I know this will go away soon, I am just waiting and writing. xoxoxo

  2. This poem has the privilege to let us know of a warm heart and also, the intense world of a poet that open her dreams and make us to absorved all within. Is water, pure water, from a rain, from a teardrop, from a rainy cloud or just the clear water from the soul... Mary as always you gave us the extasis of your writing and we, the ones who read, always find an isle of purity in your text. love. Cheers!