Sunday, July 3, 2011


(An encounter with the soul)

Today I was thinking about the coincidences of life. These coincidences that God is laughing behind out backs because “we believe they are coincidences”.

A person we encounter in our path. A new job. A situation that is not expected. Even defeat in something the brings us a lesson we will understand later.

Everything that happens in our life has a purpose. God often shows life in a different way, not always in the most attractive one.

Have you ever notice that many times, when we are thinking of someone and that person call us? Or we meet her in the street? Or she write to us?

God mysteriously draws our path…and through these paths give us wonderful lessons, we’ll only understand afterwards.

I’m beginning to understand better life’s mystery. I have always worried excessively about everything: my daughter’s education, job, family, my friends. I thought I had control of everything, and only I could make the world happy. And when this didn’t happen, I suffered a lot and even blamed myself.
“I could have done this…”Ah! If I had said that…!”

Time has taught me so much! The years are adding up and, with it, we seek constantly for an inner truth that is always there, but not awaken. We want food for the soul. We want to pass all those lessons.

I realize now, with so much depth and confidence, that all of us in this life are in a boat. This boat is commanded by a Higher Hand. And we have to believe!

We must rely on this boat as it maneuvers. In the Grater Hand that stretches toward us when we need It. We often don’t understand when a job doesn’t work, or why that trip didn’t happen. We don’t realize why a business deal didn’t work, and we get frustrated.

However, God’s Hands guide and direct our lives according to what we need to learn, and this learning is endless. The lesson are presented daily in our life when we have to deal with people, to train our humility.

Today I feel this gradual change, a great confidence in myself. A sureness that nothing in this world can be changed according to our desire. That I do not have the power to control everything.

Through lesson we receive each day, we have to become better, and more confident.

We must love our lives above all. To notice the little things that are drawn in our lives. To feel the world in a unique way, as if today is the last day of our life.

I remember well when I was in a car accident in 1971. It was an accident that left a scar in my forehead, but I could have died that day. It was after a ball. I was sitting in the front seat and with the impact I went through the windshield and end up on top of the car in front. After that accident, I remember when I was in the streets and felt a great happiness to be alive and to be able to see and feel everything…

I am a person who loves to feel life, but mainly, I’m going to tell you some things that I have felt:

There are children in the USA that, at summertime, place a small table on the sidewalk, in front of their houses and sell lemonade. For them, if someone stops to buy a glass, it’s the “highlight” of their day. I always stop to buy and have fun with their behavior. I slow down the car and watch one child elbowing the other, as if to say: “Let’s do business!”, I ask for a glass…and drink slowly…and they look at each other…they charge 10, 20 or 25 cents. So I take a sip and say: “Wow, that’s worth much more than those nickels you are charging!” I give two dollars and say: “Keep the change”. They run into the house screaming: “Mommyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!”… and I laugh….

-There is a little truck selling ice cream going through the streets playing a little music…

I love watching the children’s faces when they come running out of their houses, attracted by the music, with cash in their hands, wearing a happy expression on their young faces.

-an old man smile…

In his smile, so many meanings. Every wrinkly on his face, a story. I read a lesson in that smile, so as pass me a message: “Hey…come here…I’ll tell you a story - Life is worth it”.

When overnight a flower blooms and come to show us that life recycles. That today may not be what you hopped for, but tomorrow will always bring a surprise.

Sometimes we feel this way: closed as a flower bud.

And the next day, blossoming and opened to life. Like bright red roses.

Isn’t life beautiful? I learned that everything in life passes. When we go through a bad time, we must remember that it will pass, like so many things we went through and became only memories.

Over time we realize how important is to nourish our soul. And this blossoming means to face weaknesses and learn from them.

While fighting against ageing, noticing the changes in our body, face (because age doesn’t forgive) we notice also that, what becomes stronger is our inner truth. Those truths, over time become the strong structure of our being, and at one point, seems indestructible. They are fed with by our strength. Settle in our faith.

Learn, always learn from all the little lessons we have daily. To enrich ourselves with wisdom, mainly from those who have an undeniable baggage of knowledge.
I was finishing this post when I received, from a special friend, this thought. I found it very beautiful and profound and I think it has a lot to do the way I feel. Tony Snow was a journalist from Channel 3 (FOX). He was press secretary for President George W. Bush. He retired he got sick and died 3 years ago. A great loss, a brilliant man.

“The art of being sick is not the same as the art of getting well. Some cancer patients recover; some don’t. But the ordeal of facing your mortality and feeling your frailty sharpens your perspective about life. You appreciate little things more ferociously. You grasp the mystical power of love. You feel the gravitational pull of faith. And you realize you have received a unique gist – a field of vision other’s don’t have about the power of hope and the limits of fear; a firm set of convictions about what really matters and what does not. You also feel obliged to share these insights – the most important of which is this: There are things far worse than illness – for instance, soulnessness.”

Mary Fioratti


  1. Oi Mary, querida, eu sempre lembro de você!! e sabe qual imagem me ficou, além de outras,uma varanda da sua casa com uma paisagem outonal,muito linda, e também sempre acho que ainda tomaremos um chá, café ou suco, hahahaha Adorei seu comentário, me identifiquei, ando também me desfazendo de muita coisa, tornando a mala mais leve...ando meio atribulada,mas em breve virei aqui com mais tempo, acho que mudou algo ou entrei em outro blog seu. Beijos,querida.

  2. Também penso que a maioria das coisas nos acontece por coincidência. Mas é preciso muito esforço da nossa parte para aproveitar essas coincidências... mas não são precisos excessos...
    Não acredito na "Higher Hand". Sou agnóstico e acho que temos de ter o leme nas nossas mãos. Mas percebo-te...
    O teu gesto da limonada define-te bastante. És mesmo uma pessoa boa...
    Gostei imenso do teu texto.
    E também das palavras do teu amigo.
    A perspectiva que temos da vida é em muito influenciada pelo que nos acontece (como o teu acidente, por exemplo).
    Beijos, minha querida "velha" amiga.