Monday, September 19, 2011


these eyes that follow me on all my journeys
with an endless care
and never loses sight of a single stir
I make

these extended hands
so solicitous
surround and protect me
rubbing ointment on my wounds
and tenderly…caress me

this voice, so rhythmic
that calms me in time of distress
that sings me serenity
that rocks me to sleep
and silences when I need

and in the crowd
when thousands of people surround me
I still can see your eyes
between the small available spaces
caring for my steps

you are my shadow
my most sincere and declared love
my all time care
and, in the morning when I kiss you and you leave
our souls go to their separate destiny

(but as conjoined twins
connected like an imaginary wire
of pure certainty)

Mary Fioratti

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