Wednesday, May 12, 2010


how many times we think
about quitting midway
when the steps are steep
and the up hill so hard
that takes our breath away?

how many times we feel
that we struggle for nothing
the eyes didn’t comprehend
and the ears didn’t hear
the words of comfort
the hug was not given
the kiss was forgotten
and we lost in the distance
the one we love

how many times the door didn’t open
the sun didn’t shine
the light wasn’t turned off
and that bitter taste in the mouth
and the feeling of a hangover
without even drinking?

how many times sadness
took over the body
and there was no way
to take one more step?
days like these
make us almost quit
but actually they teach us
to fight and to believe

they are seeds
planted on a discredited soil
that can spring in colored blooms
to decorate our dreams

if you feel today
as if you have lost
your identity
and everything in the world is caving
please... believe!

tomorrow is another day
the bright sun will rise
warming your body
and in this same sky
the silver moon will shine

but this will only happen
if you dress your soul
with this new outfit
and ... BELIEVE!

Mary Fioratti

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  1. hi passing by chance I really liked your post though not understand English very loved your blog cheers kisses