Friday, May 28, 2010


The lake of life
is full of enchantment
rhythmic in dreams
it comes in soft waves
and in its rise and fall
takes our body
from ecstasy to nostalgia

The lake of life
has a bright moon
that does not last forever
when you see it
fix your eyes
and save that image
for one day to recall

The lake of life
when you look
as an spectator
is rhythmic and smooth
but when you dive into it
your own pain
becomes intense and deep

The lake of life
often wakes us
in the early and thick morning
fears covering the dark room
choking the silent words
and the premonition
arrives smothered in thoughts

The lake of life
comes and goes, comes and goes
in an unique rhythm
when you see that wave
passing by you quickly
grab it with both hands and all heart
for the first or last time

Mary Fioratti

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