Friday, May 7, 2010


My feminine bedroom
has my favorite perfume
my hairbrush
my body cream
a perfumed lingerie
with sachets of dream

In my feminine bedroom room
lives the twilight of my desires
a story in every detail
untidy sheets
misplaced pillows
an essence of my innocence

In my feminine bedroom
I keep my moments
in every corner of the wall
they are imaginary frames
where I'm watching it in silence
knowing them by heart and closed eyes

In my feminine bedroom
trace of spread tenderness
in my teddy bear
a piece of belief
in the Bible that rests
on my nightstand

In my feminine bedroom
there is the beacon of our eyes
penetrating deeply in the tunnel of our desires
in nights of love and passion
digits printed in our bodies
in endless trips
with our mouths and our hands

Mary Fioratti

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