Monday, May 17, 2010


what life experiences gave me
has no price
taught me to be patient
(although still lacking!)
to believe that there is always a beginning
to bear the absence
every pain, every tear
my spirit became strong
no longer bends
whether with strong wind
or a rude word
I no longer feel the immediate plea
to answer a question
for simply wanting to win
or prove my point
I try to see the others' point of view
and not through my eyes
I go leaving my life
without dealing cards
without buying the table
without hiding attitude
I don’t gamble (drink or smoke)
do not judge those who do
only after living half a century
I try to feel with intensity
all my moments
and in the wetland of the many heads
I try to sow my most beautiful thoughts
if they grow in vivid colors
is because they found a fertile ground
that needed me
(... I'm happy making someone happy!)
when it happens, I raise my head
and look straight in the face of the other
I lose myself in their eyes
touch the face with my hands
in a kind gesture
trying to see the soul
but if I feel the inconvenience
at the moment I speak
I retreat humble
in the castle of my dreams
and I hush

Mary Fioratti

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