Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I become all dream
before your desires
I surrender to your fascination
to imagined fantasies
that sigh
closing the eyes
and exhale caresses
that languor
the memory of you so alive
of my first love
I become all woman
before your eyes
and in your tender mouth
my breasts swell and shiver
in the tenderness of our hands
my body moisten
our gestures – confide
I don’t mind now my desires
squeeze your mouth in my kisses
realize yours - in this moment!
I’m infinitely yours
come and love me the way you want
I want you tormented in pleasure
amidst in the sweat of your skin
snaking my body in your arms
wobbly between the real and unreal
staring in your wishes
in your gaze that stirs me so
whisper in my ears
your command
and I will obey



Mary Fioratti

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