Sunday, May 9, 2010


I wanted to love you at the moment
when the lights were off
and we could see in the dark
our bodies trembling
drawn in the light of silence
so I could feel your hands
in my body
embroidering in endless caresses
drinking in your mouth
the juice of love and desire
moving my anxious lips
in the everlasting
of a lengthy kiss

I wanted to love at the moment
When your small and tender hands
denudes my body
and at every piece, a twist of tongues
a warmth of a heat
your hair in my hands
stuck in my fingers
your begging eyes closing
for a moment
letting me kiss your unspoken words
and caressing my lips in your face
letting this love flow of my pores
like cataracts of freshwater

I wanted to love you so at the moment
when words can say nothing
but the heart beats strong
the senses are electrified
bodies rubbing
hands touching and arms intertwine
replacing the voice
we hear the sighs and muffled moans
the grip of wanting until exhaustion
when the sultry sexes touch
and the thighs open freely
in the urgency of invasion, the attack,
of dancing bodies
in sequential motion

I wanted to love in a gentle enlightenment
with closed eyes, in the fever of silence
here and now, at this very moment

Mary Fioratti

1 comment:

  1. Lindo Mary querida, como tudo onde vc coloca as mãos:

    "Eu queria te amar no momento
    quando as luzes estavam fora
    e pudemos ver no escuro
    nosso corpo tremer
    elaborado à luz do silêncio
    para que eu pudesse sentir suas mãos
    em meu corpo
    bordado em carícias sem fim
    bebendo em sua boca
    o suco do amor e do desejo
    movendo os lábios ansiosos
    na eterna
    de um beijo demorado

    Um beijo enorme do seu amigo, ZC